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Wiz Khalifa is arrested .

Le 13 août 2014, 22:19 dans Humeurs 0

Last May, Wiz Khalifa had made headlines in the press when the El Paso Police arrested him. The latter had seized several grams of marijuana in the backpack rapper after a check at the airport of the city Texan.
The artist had a few hours in custody and he had seen fit to document his experience even to share a selfie in his cell!
The photo quickly made the buzz on the Internet and the authorities have very little appreciated this security flaw. After being released against the bail, Wiz Khalifa still had to be tried on August 6.
Unfortunately, the latter, and his lawyer did not show up at court. He therefore launched a search on the rapper will be immediate arrest if the authorities fall on him.

With whom ? Where ?

Le 13 août 2014, 22:06 dans Humeurs 0

Since being released from prison, Chris Brown wants to enjoy life. Between weight gain, evenings in clubs, separation Karrueche or boat cruise in the St Tropez in the company of beautiful women, Breezy catching up! There is also a safe bet that he will not stop soon as it has just announced the release of his new album, the highly anticipated X, to September 16. Always there to make headlines, Chris Brown shocked people yesterday after sharing a photo on Instagram pornographic. The singer was quickly cleared, but it was not fast enough for us. Here is the new passion of the artist. Warning this image may shock sensitive souls.

With Who he did this ?

They really did this ?

Le 13 août 2014, 21:55 dans Humeurs 0

According to an advertisement that claims to know Jay Z, Jonathan Hay, the crisis in the couple would be a well thought out marketing strategy to increase the number of seats sold on the tour On The Run. We remember that in June, tens of thousands of seats were unsold and the incident happened in the elevator,or the latter, the On The Run tour is supposed to be one of the most lucrative and it has already brought $ 100 million to Jay Z and Beyonce.

"After the tour finished, they put a stop to all these stories and all will be well," Hay predicted.

Is that true this story?

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